Welcome to the website of Sue Pike Equine & Animal Rescue, widely known as SPEAR! We are an animal charity based in the West Midlands that specialises mostly, although not exclusively, in the care of equines and other large animals. Our aim is to promote better welfare for animals of all backgrounds by providing support and care for elderly, infirm or unwanted large animals, and to educate and promote a wider understanding of their needs.




The heatwave continues interspersed with terrifying storms, but probably without me. With the traffic and weather there just aren't enough safe hours in the day for me to up my mileage. I have no physical problems and have impressed myself with how I've coped on my own dealing with other problems, but I'm done. I'm just getting no enjoyment from the constant onslaught of surviving or navigating away from dangerous drivers or sitting out hot periods of the day whilst staying near enough to amenities for food, drink and dealing with my electronics failing in the heat. All my issues are masking what should be a nice bike ride!

Too many thoughts to pin down exactly why I want to stop after so far and so much investment of time, but I have many more stronger ideas of what I want to do instead to build on the best bits of the experience - off road away from cars an absolute must, finding great bike paths and more gravel, exploring certain areas rather than rushing through and eating nice food with people instead of solitary pavement picnics outside discount supermarkets.

Continuing for the sake of it and keeping my fingers crossed that conditions up the road are kind doesn't sit well with me and I'll only go slower as I get more cautious. Time isn't endless.

The TCR and build up have opened my eyes to a new world, interesting people, potential trails and different directions I want to take at a different intensity. I hope that fits in with the ethos of the race and hopefully I'll see Meteora another time on another adventure.

Best wishes to everyone still on the road." 


We have been following Shusanah Pillinger - Ultra Athlete's posts and updates throughout the Transcontinental Race and have been very concerned for her safety because of the unbearable conditions.

We fully support her decision and are relieved to hear that she is safe. 
What experience to undertake- almost beyond human endurance. Huge congratulations are in order for having achieving so much in such dreadful conditions. We are so grateful for the huge effort she has made for all our animals in care. £1349.23 (as it stands so far!) is a wonderful total. Have a safe journey home Shu!

Shusanahs just giving page is still open if anyone is still looking to make a donation! 



How would you feel about cycling for 14 days, totally unsupported, on a 2500 mile route that will take you across across 4 mountain tops and through countries including Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Romania, finishing in Greece. 

Well that is exactly what Shusanah Pillinger is doing, starting this Friday (28th) and she has very kindly chosen SPEAR as her charity, aiming to raise £2500 for us. Shusanah is asking that if you wish to show your support and encourage her to push a little harder over the next few weeks, a donation of £1 per country cycled through (£14) in as many days or perhaps just 1p a mile for every one of the 2500 miles (£25) she will cycle?

Please take a few moments of your day to like her facebook page and read the full details of the race she is undertaking!

We wish you all the best of luck Shusanah, thank you so much for doing this for the animals in our care!





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